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Dr. Michael L Widener


About Dr Michael L. Widener:  He is a graduate of Michigan State University and has 30 years veterinary experience helping animals of all kinds.   In addition to his DVM degree, he holds degrees in BIOLOGY and PHYSIOLOGY, with an additional major in ZOOLOGY.  While at Michigan State Dr. Widener was hired by the University’s Biophysics department for a study on raccoons and squirrels for neuro-anatomical brain mapping.  It was here that Dr. Widener developed an interest in animal medicine of all species.  In addition to family practice, Dr. Widener spends time studying and learning about animal behaviors, emotions, and awareness key to understanding, relating, connecting and communicating with all animal species including aquatic species.  Dr. Widener has traveled to Brazil, Australia, India, and Europe in his studies around the world in his studies in Veterinary medicine.  While Dr. Widener continues his studies, he is constantly expanding his sphere of service at his practice for all pets. Soon he will include Reptiles and Aquatic animal medicine.  Dr. Widener is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association, the Association of Avian Veterinarians, and the Word Aquatic Veterinary Association.  He regularly attends conferences in Canine and Feline Small Animal medicine, as well as Avian, Reptile, Aquatic and Zoo animal medicine.  Dr. Widener recently returned from a trip to Shark Reef and Grenada where he studied sharks, rays, and sea turtles.  


Dr. Michael Widener is not your typical Vet.  He spends much of his time educating his clients offering treatment options designed to be the most practical and affordable possible. He will often advocate for animals whose voices are too often unheard.  For example, he will talk about the pros and cons of de-clawing cats offering solutions and suggestions to solve scratching problems in the hope of avoiding unnecessary surgery.  Dr. Widener above all else believes in the power of knowledge and education and strives for excellence in service for his clients.  He is an accomplished pianist, and enjoys hiking, exploring, mountain climbing, and swimming. 

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