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What we do:


Our Farmhouse Family Pet Practice is a full service Animal Hospital facility with complete X-Ray, Surgical, Dental and Medical Treatment capabilities.  We perform T.P.L.O. cruciate ligament surgery, luxating patella knee surgery, tumors, abscesses, growths, cancer, and dentistry in addition to routine spays and neuters. 
Farmhouse Family employs the services of many specialists including surgeons Dr. Michael Everett and Dr. Chip Rischen, as well as ultrasonographers, radiologists, endoscopists, cardiologists, and our local ophthalmologist Dr. Penny Cooley of the Eye Clinic for Animals, and cancer specialist Dr. Lisa Parshley of the Olympia Cancer Treatment Center. We use Phoenix Central Laboratory in Seattle for our diagnostic testing services for our small animal needs.  For our Avian and exotic patients, we use the services of the University of Miami Exotic and Exotic Animal Laboratory of Ohio.   

Animal Boarding is available for our exotic patients and cats and we are one of few clinics that makes House Calls (Wednesdays), for patients or clients who cannot easily come to a clinic.  For low income clients, we have working relationships with Concern For Animals, Thurston County Humane Society, and Animal Services in Olympia, and participate in many low-income programs such as SNAP (spay neuter all pets).  Our goal is to always provide the highest standard of care available.  We handle each case individually, and take a step by step medical approach for each problem and issue to keep costs affordable while providing the utmost medical service and care possible. 

What also sets Farmhouse Family Pet Practice apart is our clinic’s ambiance of warmth, friendliness and personal touch afforded all our clients and pets in a home-like atmosphere.  Each client gets personalized care and attention over and beyond the norm.  Pets and owners often prefer that home feeling in a veterinary practice often missing in large practices.  A down to earth, personal touch with homelike atmosphere is still too often missing in today’s world of modern veterinary medicine.  What is important is completeness of service, professional competence, experience, quality of care, empathy and results.  These are the things we strive for and what most people need in a veterinary hospital.   

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